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Bears Trade Back! 9 for 10, pick up a future pick.

Did Poles squeeze a bit of value out of Philadelphia? He seems confident, and that might be a good thing.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have traded back from #9, but they didn’t move far. They slid back one spot to #10, giving the Eagles the chance to pick one spot earlier. Field Yates is reporting that they only picked up a 2024 4th-rounder for the deal (which means that on the Johnson chart they sold out a little cheaply, giving up about 2% of the available value. That’s not a big deal, especially if they are confident that they can get their own player at #10.

For the record, though, they gave up 1350 of value in exchange for 1327.4. That’s cheap, but the Chase Stuart chart for expected value obviously loves this move, as they gave up 20.6 points of expected value and gained 22.2.

In short, Poles pulled a mini-Arizona, presumably still able to get “his” guy but padding the future with just a little extra value. Hard to argue with that part, at least.

The Eagles took Carter with the pick.