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Chicago Bears Draft Results: Ryan Poles gets his ‘top tackle’

General Manager Ryan Poles met the media to discuss Darnell Wright.

NFL: Chicago Bears Press Conference Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles met the media on Thursday night to discuss his newest Bear, offensive lineman Darnell Wright, and that's all he discussed. He was asked a couple of questions about passing on Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter, and he didn't want to get into it. The only thing he alluded to was that "character will always be important for us."

The one specific that Poles talked about regarding the trade was that there was another team that called him about trading up to nine. He said that the proposed deal would have been too far back and that he couldn't be sure he'd still be able to draft Wright, so he made the deal with the Philadelphia Eagles to ensure he'd get his guy.

And Poles made it clear that Wright was always their guy, saying he was their "top tackle in the draft."

"The one thing that stands out with him is he's a tone-setter," Poles said of Wright. "He plays with an edge to him, which we love."

Poles didn't declare Wright their starting right tackle, which is the position it's presumed he'll play, but instead said that he would need to compete for his spot. He did say that Wright can play both right and left tackle and also guard and that they'll play their best five on the offensive line.

Check out the full presser here.