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Twitter reacts to the Chicago Bears pick of Tyrique Stevenson

Another trade! This time the Bears traded up to 56 and picked Tyrique Stevenson from the U!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 Southern Miss at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are busy on night two, just three picks after making their first selection of DT Gervon Dexter, they traded up with the Jacksonville Jaguars for Miami University cornerback Tyrique Stevenson.

It was fitting that fellow U alum Devin Hester announced the pick.

First, the compensation.

Was it expensive? Was it a good deal? Depends on who you ask, I guess.

WCG’s own draft experts weigh in:

GIF staff reactions from Jeff Berkckes and Bill Zimmerman:

More reactions from Twitter:

Another U alum and Bears fan weighs in.

Stay tuned to WCG for the latest on the draft and more picks. The Bears are up again in just a few picks at the start of round three.

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