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Bears Trade Back in Round 4 with the Saints!

The Bears have allowed the Saints to move up to the start of the fourth round, picking up a fifth-rounder in the process.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago was originally slated to pick at the start of the fourth round, but Ryan Poles got a better offer. The New Orleans Saints have given picks #115 and #165 (89.4 points on the Jimmy Johnson chart) in order to pick at #103 (88 points on the same chart).

This move allowed the Chicago Bears to take an extra roll of the dice on a player they like in the fifth round, where there was previously a bit of a lag in their options. It might be a sign that there’s nobody Poles likes to lead off the draft, it might be a sign that he has multiple choices he’s confident in, or it just might have been too good of a deal for him to ignore, as it’s also a slight overpay on the Rich Hill Chart (35 points to 34 points).

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