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Billy Corgan would like to see Justin Fields run less

Billy Corgan talks Chicago Bears on the latest Bears Banter Podcast!

Hiban Huerta/NWA

In case you missed it, the latest Bears Banter Podcast features Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins!

Billy Corgan joined the podcast to promote the latest National Wrestling Alliance events coming up in Highland Park this Saturday! Make sure you check out the sold out pay-per-view coming up tonight, NWA 312, which will be in Highland Park, but you can attend the television tapings Saturday by going to to buy your tickets now!

Billy also discussed his musical career, his love of the Chicago Cubs, the 2016 championship, but we also talked some Chicago Bears with the famous Chicago sports fan!

Billy wants to make sure there is more protection for Justin Fields, but he also talked about how in the long run, it’ll be better for Fields if he runs less.

“To Mr. Fields,” Corgan stated, “And as we’ve seen with, was it RG3? Guys like that, when you have that guy that has that level of skillset, yes, it’s impressive, and yes, you marvel at that level of ability, but historically, guys like that get hurt. And as you seen in the NFL, if you lose a quarterback for 1, 2, 4 games out of a season, that might be the difference of you making the playoffs or that might be the difference of a free agent signing with your team.”

Corgan loves what he sees out of Fields, but is worried that putting himself in harms way could derail a great season.

Corgan continued, “So to create a winning franchise and build around a quarterback which anybody in their right mind is going to be thinking in the back of their head, is this guy going to get hurt? We could be having a truly winning season, people could be projecting us to go deep in the playoffs, and you get to game 11 and he does a simple run, goes around the end and somebody creams him. That’s nothing against Mr. Fields, I was just talking about him and his tremendous skillset, but guys historically who run a lot get hurt. And he isn’t quite as big as a Josh Allen, who looks like he can take that level of punishment (Allen has 2 inches and about 15 lbs on Fields).”

In the end, however, Corgan is a fan and wants to the team to succeed.

“I hope I’m wrong,” he explained. “I hope his skillset endures and the Bears are able to build around it. There was some talk that maybe he was going to go, maybe take someone in the draft but they’ve made their decision and they are going to stick with him. So there’s definitely upside, but there’s downside that goes with it and that’s difficult if you’re a Bears fan.”

Check out everything we talked to Billy about in what is a jam-packed podcast!