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Chicago Bears Mascot Needs Your Vote

Vote daily for Staley to get the Bears mascot in the Hall of Fame

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Staley Da Bear needs your help. As Chairman George McCaskey said, donning an orange and blue bowtie and cummerbund, Bears fans need to “Vote Daily for Staley...the Chicago way.”

Click on this link here to go to the voting page!

The Mascot Hall of Fame currently has two NFL mascots enshrined - K. C. Wolf of the Chiefs and Blue of the Indianapolis Colts. Staley is up against some stiff NFL competition this year including Blitz, the Seahawks mascot (super creative name there...), Miles of the Denver Broncos, Jaxon de Ville of the Jaguars, Toro of the Houston Texans, and Freddie Falcon of, well, the Atlanta Falcons. The Mascot Hall of Fame is located in Whiting, Indiana, a short jaunt for Staley from Bears headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Three other Chicago mascots are already in the hall - Southpaw from the Chicago White Sox, Benny the Bull of the Chicago Bulls, and Tommy Hawk of the Chicago Blackhawks. This will give the Bears the coveted “mascot cycle” of one from each major professional sport. If Staley Da Bear is elected, it would solidify Chicago as the greatest professional sports mascot city of all-time. Take that Philly!

If you’re interested in a fun look back at the history of the Bears mascot, here’s an amazing NFL Films clip from 1970. The clip tells the story of George Halas Jr., known as “Mugs,” helped pick out the mascot outfit.

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