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Who would you like to see the Bears trade for?

The Bears have openly discussed they’re looking to add a player, so who do you want to see them target via trade?

NFL: Chicago Bears Press Conference Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

There have been plenty of rumors about the Chicago Bears being open to making a trade, and this was before general manager Ryan Poles went on the radio and essentially confirmed they’re looking to add to their roster. So here’s the latest roundtable question we posed to our guys...

When considering potential trade targets, just who are you looking to add?

ECD - Listen, I’m going big with my thinking. The Bears are no strangers to pulling major trades for game-wrecking edge defenders late into the off-season, including Adewale Ogunleye in August of 2004, and Khalil Mack on my 25th birthday (August 31st) in 2018. Both those players, especially Khalil Mack, were considered untouchable... until they were dealt. The Bears inquired about Brian Burns with the Carolina Panthers during their negotiations for the first overall pick. However, it appears the Panthers were not interested in dealing him. As of today, the Panthers seem determined to make Burns fit into their plans on a rebuilding defense. A defensive scheme I’m not too sure he will be a great fit within. But he’s owed a new contract soon. Plenty can change between now and August.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - I don’t see Poles making a major trade due to the current state of the franchise. With where the Bears are at, Poles will value his draft picks. If a deal is made, it won’t be for a big name that costs a first-round pick, but more like a day-three selection for a high-upside player that has fallen out of favor in his current situation like the Jets’ Bryce Huff.

Aaron Leming - I’m still of the mindset that they could use a true upgrade at center. The love fest that this organization has shown for Cody Whitehair is admirable, but if there was a younger upgrade available for a reasonable price, I’d absolutely do it. There are many spots on the Bears’ current roster where you can take the “wait and see” approach due to age/upside, but center is where they have a pair of veterans that are not long-term answers. Again, I couldn’t give you a name, but outside of edge rusher, center is another spot that I’d be keeping a close eye on if I were Ryan Poles.

Are there any trade targets you have your eye on?