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Most Bears fans don’t care where the team plays its home games

The results from this week’s Chicago Bears poll are in!

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jerry Driendl/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have played at Soldier Field full-time since 1971, with the only year away from the lakefront being 2002, when they played at the University of Illinois' Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois, while Soldier Field received a facelift. In the fifty years before 1971, the Bears played their home games at Wrigley Field (Cubs Park until 1926). And before they moved to Chicago, they played their home games at Staley Field in Decatur, Illinois, from 1919 until 1921.

In all, the Bears have played their home contests in the city of Chicago for over 100 years, but that may be changing if the stadium plan for Arlington Heights (or another suburb) comes to fruition.

In our recent SB Nation Reacts poll, over half of our fans indicated they didn't care where the franchise plays their home games.

You can count me among those that don't care which field they call home, but that's because I simply don't go to many games. I've always preferred staying home and watching on television.

But if I were to attend games... then I honestly still wouldn't care. As long as the Chicago Bears are still the Chicago Bears, then it doesn't matter to me if they play in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Naperville, or some other local city, village, or town.

Now if the franchise is ever sold and ownership decides to relocate, get rid of the Navy and Orange, and dump the Bear, then I may need to revisit my fandom.

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