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How did you do on your Chicago Bears offseason predictions? (Part 2)

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter (ECD) was busy all offseason making predictions on how the Bears' free agency and draft would go, so he wanted to check back on his hits and misses. Here’s part 2, where he checked back on his draft predictions.

NFL: APR 29 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Editor: ECD had a busy offseason making Chicago Bears’ free agency and draft predictions, so he wanted to reflect on his hits and misses. After checking out what he has to say about his NFL Draft predictions here, be sure you guys let us know what you got right but also what you got wrong.

1) What’s the prediction for any draft pick or position group you feel you knocked out of the park?

For the entire time building up to the draft, I was never firmly convinced the Bears would take the risk of selecting Jalen Carter if he were available. Did I ever feel there was a slight chance to begin with? Of course - anything and everything can happen during the draft. Yet his entire dumpster fire of a preparation period leading into draft day was, arguably, the worst I’ve ever seen. From the messy legal situations; to his questionable effort and character on the field; and a disastrous Pro Day, nothing felt right about the suggestion the Bears would attempt to fix him. And it’s not just the Bears - every team picking ahead of the Bears all said “no” to Jalen Carter. Time will tell if this turns into the right decision with handing him off to the Eagles for an additional 2024 fourth-round pick. I feel it will.

2) How about the one draft pick or decision that you definitively missed on?

On day two, I felt the Bears would be in a prime spot to address DE in addition to DT. They filled their DT position soundly yet opted out of any DE prospects once they were on the clock. To be fair, every DE prospect I wanted came off the board long before the Bears were on the clock. I still feel that, if any of the DEs picked during the unanticipated run between picks 20 and 45 were available at 50, they could have moved up for said player. The draft board did not fall in such a way, and the Bears stuck to their guys as a result.

3) Any Bears-related draft day surprises you want to share?

Landing two potential starters on offense during the 4th round with Roschon Johnson and Tyler Scott, blew me away. Any hypothetical reason(s) as to why Scott lasted past the end of the 3rd round are unbelievable. He had a 2nd round grade from me and several of my comrades and evaluators I trust. Roschon Johnson was a mid to late 3rd rounder for me. I did feel the Bears would pick a 3-down player at RB on day three. I didn’t expect Roschon Johnson to be there once the Bears were on the clock to start day three.

You guys all join in and answer these three questions in the comment section, and if you missed his thoughts on free agency, click here and share your answers to those topics over there.