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‘You’re Like the Fastest Man on the Planet!’ Justin Fields mic’d up at Minicamp.

Tight End Cole Kmet and his quarterback are hitting it off.

Chicago Bears Offseason Workout Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Day 2 of Chicago Bears’ minicamp wrapped up Wednesday afternoon with some notable nuggets of nothing to glean from the beat writers, but there was promising attendance from upcoming contract-year players. This is a period of organized activities, less formal than even practice, and the best thing for a fan to do in a time like this is grab on to something fun the team is doing and focus on it.

Bears at United Center? Ball is life, who has the best jumper?

Bears Care Gala at Soldier Field? Look at them all dapper and philanthropic.

It’s a period where it doesn’t quite feel like offseason, but it’s not quite a preseason-y feel either. It’s just a group of dudes, no pads, running through football drills. That’s why it’s so great that they give some players microphones, so we have a bit of insight into the camaraderie and antics that go on while professional football players go through these glorified workouts.

On Wednesday, the team dropped a QB1 mic’d up video, and he didn’t disappoint. From complimenting Robert Tonyan’s new buzzcut, to laughing along with Lucas Patrick’s expletive-laden break of the fourth wall, even promoting his clean (and I mean, clee-ee-ean) visor game, it’s clear Fields is building rapport with a group of teammates he’s going to lead into battle this coming season.

Perhaps the best moment came at the end of the video after Fields ran a sprint. As he walked toward Cole Kmet, the tight end exclaimed, “You’re like the fastest man on the planet!” Kmet is always one with a nice thing to say. They discussed mile-per-hour speed, where Fields noted that he broke 21 mph last year. Fields speculated if he could hit 22 mph in pads once he gets in game shape. That blistering speed would put him in the top-3 fastest in the NFL, as recorded last year and gathered here by

Let’s hope Fields hits that and also throws 4000+ yards.

Other great moments included quarterback coach Andrew Janocko praising Fields for a good throw and how his eyes made the play and Fields chatting with Kmet some more about a new headwear decision. The video, found below, is a short watch and worth it for fans like yours truly who are starved of any fun Bears content right now.