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Chicago Bears All-Time Touchdown Leaders

We take a look at the top TD scorers in the history of the franchise and also the top among active players.

Washington Redskins vs Chicago Bears - September 29, 1985 Photo by Bruce Dierdorff/Getty Images

When it comes to scoring touchdowns for the Chicago Bears, no one did it better and more often than Walter Payton. Only 11 players in the history of the NFL have scored more than Sweetness' 125 total TDs (110 rushing, 15 receiving).

I came across this neat infographic on Twitter and wanted to share it with the WCG audience that may not be on that social media platform. It tabulates all the top TD scorers throughout the franchise's history and ranks them as they crack the top 15.

Interestingly, of the top 15 touchdown scorers in the Bears' history, only three have played this century. When looking at the current Bears, the player with the most TDs is wide receiver Darnell Mooney with 11 (10 receiving, one rushing).

Right behind him with ten touchdowns (all rushing) is quarterback Justin Fields.

Tight end Cole Kmet has nine (all receiving) for the third-most TDs among current Bears.

One active player cracked the top 20 in Chicago history, but David Montgomery (18th with 30 total TDs) is now playing in Motown.

As expected, Payton's 110 rushing TDs are the most all-time in Chicago history.

Receiver Ken Kavanaugh has the most receiving touchdowns all-time with 50.

In the "other" TD category, George Wilson, who played from 1937 to 1946, leads with 2.

In the return game, Devin Hester leads for punt return TDs with 13, but Gale Sayers leads in kick return scores with six. Charles Tillman has the most pick-sixes in Bears history with eight, and Mike Brown and Eddie Jackson lead the franchise with three fumbles returned for TDs. Peanut leads the franchise with nine all-time defensive scores, but Jackson is close behind with six.