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Moreano: The Moore/Fields chemistry is real and spectacular

Nicholas Moreano joins the Bears Banter podcast to wrap up OTAs and minicamp

Chicago Bears Offseason Workout Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter podcast has dropped!

OTAs and minicamp are in the books as the Chicago Bears hit summer break before training camp fires up in just over a month.

Plenty of positives came out of Halas Hall over the last few weeks, but none more positive than the media discussing just how good Justin Fields and DJ Moore already look together.

CHGO’s Nicholas Moreano joined the podcast this week to discuss what he saw at OTAs and what’s ahead for the Bears in training camp.

Nicholas confirmed what we’ve heard. Fields and Moore have excellent chemistry.

“What’s been really impressive with Justin Fields thus far, is how quickly that chemistry with DJ Moore has come along,” Moreano stated. “It’s been in a really short amount of time and you see it with the different types of throws that Justin Fields has been trying in OTAs and minicamp,” he continued. “There are two defenders in the area but Justin Fields still has, one, the conviction and the confidence to throw a pass in between Jaylon Johnson and Elijah Hicks and have that ball just drop down into DJ Moore’s hands. And then there are throws where he has to loft it over the defender and places it in DJ Moore’s vicinity and I think that’s what’s been really cool and good to see early on from Justin Fields is that we are seeing different types of throws, we’re seeing them go to DJ Moore, he’s only been on the team a couple of months but you’re really seeing that chemistry blossom so far.”

Moreano had more great insight on the Bears offensive line, their running backs and the rest of their receivers, as well as some talk about the defensive line and the rookies as well. Check out a jam-packed podcast below!

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You guys can check out the segment with Nicholas on our 2nd City Gridiron YouTube channel here: