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Chicago is back in play for the Bears’ stadium plans

A recent report suggests that Chicago could meet with the Bears this week to discuss keeping them within the city limits.

Chicago Cityscapes And City Views Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears moving their home games to Arlington Heights seemed like a done deal just a week ago, but then on Friday, it was revealed that the city of Naperville was prepared to make a pitch. With the Village of Arlington Heights no longer the franchise’s top priority, that cracks the door for other locations — including staying in Chicago.

Amanda Vinicky from Chicago’s WTTW News reports that a source with “knowledge of the situation says a talk between the two sides [the Bears and the city of Chicago] is likely to take place in the next several days.”

Illinois State Rep. Kam Buckner, who is a member of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s transition team, tells WTTW that he believes Chicago is back in play.

“The Bears entertaining the idea of moving to Naperville, I think opens up a window of hope for those who us who have always felt that we should still be having conversations about finding a deal that makes sense for both the city of Chicago and the Chicago Bears organization,” Buckner said. “And I think Mayor Johnson really does deserve the opportunity to broker that deal.”

Neither the Bears nor the Mayor’s office responded to WTTW for their story, but Buckner did say that he knows Johnson would like a chance to keep the Bears in Chicago.

Do you guys think Chicago has a chance? Is the Arlington Heights property still the odds-on favorite? What about Naperville, Rockford, or some other city? Sound off in the comment section.