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Justin Fields sinks halfcourt shot at team building event at United Center

What can’t JF1 do?

Jacob Funk

On Thursday, the Chicago Bears hosted a team building activity at the United Center. For the players, a day away from Halas Hall is certainly more enjoyable than another day pouring over the playbook and out on the practice field.

The Bears spent the day having fun on the court, and to no surprise, Justin Fields was one of the top performers out there. Plenty of the Bears showed off their skills, but it was a shot Justin Fields took from halfcourt that got plenty of attention.

Fields makes an effortless basket from the logo. The video originally appeared on Fields’ Instagram story before it ended up at a few other sources.

It really shouldn’t shock anyone at this point after the athletic prowess Fields has shown on the football field that he would excel at basically any sport he chooses to play. He was also a high level baseball prospect coming out of high school as well.

Thursday was the last OTA of the season, so they team went out with a bang. They’ll return on the 13th for mandatory minicamp before all players are off before the start of training camp in late July.