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Let’s remember some Chicago Bears from year’s past

Take a trip down memory lane and chime in with your own former Bears!

White runs after catch Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s mid-July and there isn’t much in the way of Chicago Bears news.

Training camp is still weeks away and there isn’t much in the way of roster moves either.

So let’s slow down and take a trip down memory lane and remember some guys.

These are just some random players, mostly from the early 2000s, but I’ll throw in a few from further back, as well as some more recent guys.

I’m not trying to remember Hall of Famers or multi-Pro Bowl players. Let’s just try and remember some solid, good guys. And maybe a few not-so-good ones sprinkled in.

Michael Green (Mr. Irrelevant)

Bobby Engram

Phillip Daniels

Mike Hartenstine

Al Alfalava

Terrence Metcalf

Alfonso Boone

Big Cat Williams

Fred Miller

Robert Garza

Dez White

Ian Scott

James Allen

Anthony Thomas

Jordan Howard

Nathan Vasher

Jerry Azumah

Corey Graham

Sherrick McManis

Tony Parrish

Brandon McGowan

Shane Matthews

Cap Boso

Jason McKie

Keith Jennings

Todd Johnson

Ryan Wetnight

Jim Flanigan

Mark Anderson

Lewis Tillman

Glen Kozlowski

Maury Buford

Kevin Payne

Todd McMillon

Justin Gage

Adam Podlesh

Ricky Manning

Willie Young

R.W. McQuarters

Bobby Gray

Bobby Wade

Matt Toeaina

Share some of your favorite (or not so favorite) throwback Bears in the comment section!