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Bear Bones: Which current Bears have the best future outlook?

Mason and Danny discuss the current status of the running back position in the NFL and then delve into drafting the 20 Bears most likely to be on the roster and be successful in the next 3 seasons.

Chicago Bears Offseason Workout Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The fellas have a fun premise for this week’s show so make sure you join them live at five! Mason West and Danny Meehan are taking a deep dive into the Chicago Bears to determine which players have the best future outlook over the next three seasons. They’ll be “drafting” Bears based on that criteria, so make sure you head over to our YouTube channel to weigh in on the players you feel have the brightest future.

Here’s how that draft went; Who had the best group of players?

They’ll also spend a little time digesting the recent discourse about NFL running backs and their use in the modern game and their lack of comparable salaries.

Watch our brand new Bears Bones video in the embed below or head over to 2nd City Gridiron to get in on the discussion live with the guys at 5 (CT)!

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The audio version is right here!

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