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Bear Bones: Chicago Bears Training Camp Recap for July 27

Mason West will get the skinny about today's camp from Da Windy City Productions’ Rishab Sikri, who was at Halas Hall all day.

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SPORTS-FBN-WIEDERER-COLUMN-TB Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Our team of content creators will be able to partake in a few practices at Chicago Bears training camp, but when we can’t make it, we’ll try to grab someone there to get their first-hand experience.

Tonight that’s precisely what Mason West is doing on his latest Bear Bones, as he’ll be joined by Rishab Sikri, who runs the fantastic YouTube Bears channel, Da Windy City Productions. The fellas will discuss all that Rishab saw today, they’ll go over some fun camp battles to monitor, and discuss some bubble players too.

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