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What still concerns you about the 2023 Bears?

As expected, most of us are still concerned about the Bears’ defensive line.

Chicago Bears Offseason Workout Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s impossible for a three win team to address every issue in one offseason, but the Chicago Bears did about as good a job as we could expect them to do. That said, there are still some questions surrounding this roster, and that was today’s roundtable topic.

What concerns you most about the Bears with training camp just a few weeks away?

And here's what we had to say.

Erik Duerrwaechter - It’s still defensive end for me. There aren’t a lot of feasible options left to consider in free agency. I have confidence in DeMarcus Walker becoming a mainstay along the defensive front. For this defense to truly work, there has to be a balance of pressure created between all four linemen. I won’t rule out a hefty amount of blitzes designed for Tremaine Edmunds, TJ Edwards, and Jaquan Brisker or even Kyler Gordon until they sort out their best four rushmen up front. Again, I fully expect a move to happen that changes this outlook significantly.

Bill Zimmerman - That the Bears' defensive line is still inadequate.

Jeff Berckes - Obviously, defensive end. It’s tough to see where the pressure will come from, which negates what could be an exciting back 7. I’m always concerned about the random injury bug that always claims a few seasons before they start throughout the league. Mostly, I’m concerned about the Bears media people falsely accusing me and Lester of filming practice again. I’m not sure I can hold back Lester a second year in a row...

Mason West - Lack of pass rush. There are some advanced stats that show how important 1-2 impactful pass rushers are to winning, especially in the playoffs. The Bears just don’t have the juice. Lack of pass rush elongates drives, puts pressure on the secondary, creates shootouts, and keeps Justin on the bench. No bueno.

Sam Householder - Defensive line. Where is the pass rush coming from? There’s some young talent at a lot of positions, but young players often have growing pains.

Taylor Doll - Pass rush of course and being able to also stop the run. They were such big issues last season and really let opposing teams extend drives way too long when Justin could’ve been out there. I just hope they can add that final piece.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - While I am hopeful that DeMarcus Walker will have a solid season, there still isn’t a proven pass rusher on the roster. Adding some juice off the edge would really set this defense up.

Ken Mitchell - That Mooney and Claypool were not healthy during the offseason.

Now it's your turn; What still concerns you the most about the 2023 Bears?