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Is Nate Davis’ absence from practice negatively impacting the offensive line?

The Bears new look offensive line has had very few reps together.

Chicago Bears v Tennessee Titans
If we had a pic of Nate Davis in a Bears’ uniform we’d share that, but alas...
Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are clearly taking the safe route in terms of handling injuries during training camp. Plenty of players have missed regular time due to injuries, and this Bears’ regime does not discuss injuries at all, and any information available is extremely restricted.

This isn’t a post saying that Nate Davis should toughen up and play through an injury. We have no idea what his issue is because we haven’t been given any information, but regardless of what it is, the injury has given Davis very few reps in practice, and therefore the first-team offensive line just isn’t playing together.

Nate Davis chose to skip most of OTAs, something players who have just signed with a new team rarely do, and now has an injury keeping him out of practice during camp.

So what’s the big issue here as long as Davis is ready for week one against the Green Bay Packers?

Well, plenty.

Of all units, without question, the one that benefits the most from cohesive play is the offensive line. The Bears have two new faces on the line, but they have four players playing a new position this year. Yes, Cody Whitehair has played center before, but not in this scheme and not with these players. With Davis on the sidelines, they are not having the benefit of playing together and learning each other’s tendencies and skills.

On top of that, Davis will be positioned next to Darnell Wright. With Wright being a rookie, having cohesion on the right side will be even more important. Rookie tackles struggle, and Wright is going to need help from his linemate, especially early in the season.

We are only about 2 weeks into practice, and there are still roughly four to go so there’s still time for Davis to get out there and start working with Wright and Whitehair, but every week Davis loses in practice is one less week for him to learn about his new teammates.

The Bears are still a work-in-progress but plenty of fans are starting to have high hopes for this season, but one thing is true, it doesn’t matter how much better the receivers are, the linebackers are, or the secondary is, if Justin Fields isn’t better protected this year, there will be very little room for improvement.

Davis not being on the field is hurting the development of this offensive line. Here’s hoping he’s in pads and back on the practice field soon because this team, especially Justin Fields, is going to need it.