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Hot Take Tuesday: DJ Moore and Justin Fields are the greatest QB-WR duo ever

Yeah, that’s right, you heard me.

Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Forget Jerry Rice and Joe Montana. Forget Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. Forget Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin. Five words: Justin Fields to DJ Moore.

I mean, let’s break it down. Justin Fields has never thrown an incompletion to DJ Moore. Every pass he’s ever thrown to him has not only gone for a touchdown, but they’ve all been over 50 yards as well! The match checks out. It’s clear. Chisel it in stone, I have spoken.

Speaking of the match checking out, let’s check out the math that this brilliant statistician put out there on Saturday:

Even if Justin Fields finishes with numbers slightly below that, I think the Chicago Bears would be in pretty good shape this year.

Look, we can play the “its only preseason” game and of course, it’s only preseason, but the fact is, for once, the Bears “its only preseason” was because of how good the offense played, not that the offense struggled and there’s still time to get it together before the regular season.

Enjoy it, Bears fans! Don’t worry about the dopes trying to complain that Justin Fields didn’t do anything on those two plays. Those are the same people complaining last year that when Justin Fields literally did everything running the football, scrambling, trying to carry a retched offense to respectability that he wasn’t passing enough. They’ll always complain, don’t waste your time with them. They’ll craw back under their bridge soon enough.

There was plenty to love from the Bears’ preseason game on Saturday, there were plenty of Bears that looked the part, sure, some Bears struggled as well, but anyone who watched that game and thinks this Bears’ team is still close to the 2022 version doesn’t pay attention to what they are watching. This team is vastly improved. Now vastly improved may not make a playoff berth, but with how bad the NFC is, vasty improved could mean pretty lofty expectations as well.

You had to love what you saw in plenty of areas. Too small of a sample size? Shove your sample size. Justin Fields looked good. DJ Moore looked good. Khalil Herbert looked good. Trevis Gipson looked good. I can go on and on. And I will. All. Season. Long. This Bears team is officially fun. It’s been a long time since we’ve said that (well, 2018 isn’t THAT long ago). But the 2018 team was fun on defense, for once, this Bears team looks like it could be quite fun on offense. And that’s something we’ve been desperate to see in Chicago for a very long time.

Based on the hard empirical data in front of us from the first quarter of the first preseason game, I think it’s pretty clear: Super Bears, Super Bowl.

Quick Hits

  • I’m going to keep saying it, Tyrique Stevenson is going to be a fan favorite
  • Some nice plays from Roschon Johnson, let’s hope he sees the field sooner next game
  • Velus Jones roster spot is in trouble if he can’t catch punts
  • Ja’Tyre Carter showed why Ryan Poles believed in him last season
  • Nathan Peterman was much better than PJ Walker, something to watch
  • Andrew Billings was dreadful in his limited snaps
  • Aviante Collins played the worst of any of the lineman, and easily as far as I could tell
  • With the play of Trevis Gipson and Terrell Lewis, the edge room got a lot more interesting
  • Cairo Santos looked amazing, forget that he hit all his kicks, they couldn’t have been more dead-center
  • Justin Fields has a higher number on his jersey than he does incompletions on the season