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Chicago Bears Training Camp: Checking in on Chase Claypool

So far Chase Claypool has exceeded expectations at Bears training camp and has stacked several nice practices together.

Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Chase Claypool has been a polarizing player among Chicago Bears fans since the trade on November 1 brought the former Notre Dame star to the Windy City. The Bears sent their own second-round pick instead of the one they acquired from the Ravens, which irked some fans. Then when the pick ended up being the 32nd overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, the griping intensified.

Between the irk and the gripe, Claypool suffered an injury that kept him out of a couple of games, and his stat line was a pedestrian 14 catches for 140 yards in seven games in the Navy and Orange.

Then this offseason, there was another minor injury, some time spent as a fashion model, and a 24-hour stint on the PUP list that had fans peeved.

There was also time working out with Justin Fields and the other receivers, a week in the UK with kids at a football clinic, and he reported to Halas Hall early for training camp, but that’s not enough to sway some fans who have their mind made up about him.

The trade was always going to bear more fruit in year two due to the complexities of the offense, but after all that has transpired, Claypool may never do enough to please some fans.

The early reports from camp have been generally positive about Claypool’s performance, and based on my two days there, I tend to agree. Today was another nice day for him.

“Chase has been doing his thing lately,” Bears quarterback Justin Fields said of Claypool at his post-practice press conference. “I’m proud of him. He’s one of those guys on offense that he’s going to bring that energy pretty much every day.”

Here are a collection of recent Tweets about Claypool.

Have your thoughts on Claypool changed in the last week with the reports coming out of training camp?