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We’re giving away four tickets to Bears vs Bills!

Here’s your chance to win four tickets to Bears vs Bills on August 26 at Soldier Field!

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NFL: Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

Just like we did a couple of weeks ago, we have some more Chicago Bears tickets to give away! This time we have four tickets to the Bears vs Buffalo Bills preseason contest at noon on August 26 at Soldier Field, and those tickets are courtesy of a listener of our Bear & Balanced podcast/video, so thank you for the generous donation!

The rules for entry are the same as last time, and here's all you have to do.

Send a Tweet to @2ndCityGridiron (the video home to our podcast channel), use the hashtag #BearsBillsTickets, and include a screenshot that shows any or all of the following.

  • A screenshot that shows you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, 2nd City Gridiron.
  • A screenshot that shows you are subscribed to our podcast channel — from whichever format you use to listen to our pods.
  • (Bonus entry) A screenshot showing you donated a minimum of $10 to Bears Care.

Sending one, two, or three of those things will get you either one, two, or three entries, so do all three for more chances! Also, be sure you are following us at 2nd City Gridiron on Twitter to be eligible.

Now for those who do not partake in the wonderful world of social media, you can enter too!

Those three screenshots I referenced above can also be sent to us via email at

The same rules apply, so you'll receive an entry for each screenshot we receive!

We will have the drawing and announce the winner on Tuesday afternoon!

Make sure to get your entry in asap, and good luck to all!

The winner will be selected by a random number draw, and to ensure we give these tickets away, the winner will have 24 hours to respond to us and claim the tickets. If the 24 hours expire, we will pick a new winner.

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