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Bears shuffle OL amid Jenkins injury

After the Teven Jenkins news, a report has emerged of shuffling along the Bears’ offensive line

Chicago Bears Offseason Workout Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

A report emerged Monday that the Chicago Bears are shuffling the offensive line following the injury to Teven Jenkins.

On Sunday it was reported by Brad Biggs that Teven Jenkins would miss six weeks with what was later reported to be a double calf strain.

Jenkins moved from the right guard spot last year, to the left side following the signing of Nate Davis.

Now, the OL is being thrown in flux after being able to work together for most of the offseason, save for Cody Whitehair’s recent injury.

That’s all up in the air, but Mark Grote, the Bears reporter for The Score radio, tweeted Monday that the Bears moved Nate Davis to the right side, with Lucas Patrick at center and Cody Whitehair at left guard.

The Bears went from one guy (Jenkins) playing a new or different position to now having two new guards, one on a new side. Whitehair played LG last season.

Patrick, who didn’t impress as a guard last season and was injured when he moved back to his natural position at center.

Hopefully, Jenkins can get back soon and Patrick can hold it down at center decently.

This is the last thing a bad offensive line from a year ago needs.

UPDATE: Last week Whitehair suffered an injury to his snapping hand in practice, and the latest reports are that it is still bothering him.