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Hot Take Tuesday: Ryan Poles has a LOT of decisions to make

The incoherent ramblings of a belligerent Bears fan.

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

One more preseason game is in the books, and it looks like the Chicago Bears have more questions, not more answers. In a way, I suppose that’s a good thing.

I certainly don’t miss the days of Bears fans arguing about some UDFA from a tiny school that should make the roster because he looked good in preseason, but nobody had ever heard of the guy until the Bears signed him in May.

That brings me to Tyson Bagent.

Bagent was a UDFA from a tiny school that should make the roster because he has looked good in preseason, but nobody had ever heard of the guy until the Bears signed him in May.

But seriously, Bagnet looks good and PJ Walker looks like Steve Fuller out there. But I’m not talking about Steve Fuller from how he played in the 80s, I’m talking about if you took 66-year old Steve Fuller and put him out there today.

QB2 is a decision that has to be made, but apparently so does who is starting at left guard (It better be Ja’Tyre Carter)? Teven Jenkins is reportedly hurt and could miss time in the regular season. Here we go again. I love Tev, I love the way he attacks, but man, this guy just can’t stay on the field. I kept telling all of you that Tev doesn’t fit into Ryan Poles’ long-term plans and unfortunately, this is why. The Bears just aren’t going to commit an eight-figure contract to a guy that just can’t stay on the field.

But there’s more decisions! Punt returner? We ain’t got one! A reliable back-up safety? Not on the roster! And how the heck are things going to shake out at edge?

Trevis Gipson had a solid day against Indianapolis but far less spectacular than what he turned in against Tennessee. Rasheem Green had another quiet day but got the start again. Terrell Lewis flashed some speed around the edges again. Still a chance Gipson doesn’t make this roster.

Now, let’s talk a little Roschon Johnson. That’s my guy.

I said that the moment they drafted him and I still believe it. This guy can play. His college tape is outstanding. The Bears will keep bringing him along slowly as most teams do with rookies, but he’s going to be on this field, he’s too good not to be.

But oh baby, this is a fun place to be. Based on how bad this roster was a year ago, knowing that there is legit competition at so many positions and there will be legitimate NFL players that end up on the chopping block is a tip of the cap to Ryan Poles for turning it around this quickly. I can’t wait to see the 2024 roster, it should be a LOT of fun next year (not that this year won’t be). Bear down!

Quick Hits

  • Kindle Vildor is gone, two straight games playing late in the 4th quarter in preseason
  • Daurice Fountain has been fun, but don’t think he’s a real threat for the 53
  • I’d like to see the starters play most of the first half against Buffalo
  • Ryan Poles is trying out more back up linebackers than Wilt Chamberlain had sex partners
  • As a non-Chicago resident, is it a legitimate gripe or pathetic that I was pissed NFL Network cut away form the final Nathan Peterman drive on Saturday night?
  • Things I never thought I’d say: I think Nathan Peterman has looked pretty good?
  • Travis Bell continues to put together some nice reps in preseason
  • I’ll be honest, I’ve had about enough of Bears and Packers fans barking at each other about their quarterbacks. Week one needs to get here.
  • Zacch Pickens continues to flash in preseason, I’ll be curious to watch his reps come regular season.
  • Speaking of regular season, is it here yet?