WCG is looking for new front page contributors!

Howdy, Chicago Bears fans!

This is a Fanpost.

It's a great place where any WCG member can share their thoughts about the Bears because sometimes dropping a comment on a comment thread doesn't do your thoughts justice.

Sometimes, you want to elaborate in a way that will reach more potential Bears fans.

The Fanpost section is also where I started here at Windy City Gridiron. In fact, it's where most front-page contributors here at WCG got their start, and it's where we look when it's time to add more content creators to our team.

And that brings me to my point.

We want to expand our weekly in-season front-page contributors here at WCG, so if you are already spending too much time here in the comment section, have decent writing chops, and believe you have something to say, jump into our Fanpost section and share your thoughts!

As many of you know, we often promote Fanposts to the front page, so dive in, and maybe you'll have yours featured.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.