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Making Monsters: Getting to Know Tyler Scott

Taylor Doll chats with Keith Jenkins of the Associated Press, who covers the Cincinnati Bearcats, to give us the inside scoop on Tyler Scott.

NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears 2023 rookie class has had several players shine this offseason, but the most exciting has probably been fourth-round pick, Tyler Scott. The 21-year-old former Cincinnati Bearcat has been featured on some highlight videos from Chicago’s social media team, and also from fans in attendance at training camp.

On Taylor Doll’s latest Making Monsters podcast, she speaks with Keith Jenkins of the Associated Press who covers the Cincinnati Bearcats, Bengals, and Reds. Jenkins covered Scott’s collegiate career, and he shares with us just how impactful Scott was on the field for Cincinnati during his time there.

“He is a gamer,” Jenkins said about Scott. “Everything about his game goes up a notch with the lights come on.”

“When the stakes are highest, when everyone’s watching, when the pads are on, and the live bullets are flying, so to speak, that's when Tyler really shows, and his strengths come alive.”

Check out Taylor’s latest to learn more about Chicago’s exciting rookie.

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