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WCG Podcast Special: Training Camp Fan Interviews

Podcast host snuck in a microphone to Chicago Bears training camp to hear from fans

Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

I thought I had come up with a really cool way to create some interesting content. Bring in a microphone to Chicago Bears training camp and talk to fellow fans while taking in practice. I interviewed Dave Scarbro, a friend of the podcast channel and one of Lester Wiltfong’s former coaching buddies, about the difference between a quarterback trainer and a quarterback coach. Immediately after I finished that interview, the team started loudly playing music and would continue doing so all through practice (a big no-no in recording background audio and publishing it). I had somehow forgotten about the music. The microphone went back into my pocket for the rest of Monday.

Tuesday I decided to get some crowd work in before the music started and as I wrapped up a survey of all the fans sitting in the back row of the bleachers before practice started, I was told by security I couldn’t use a microphone. Oh. Despite that concept not being stated anywhere on the website, I cut my interviews off after that. Grand plans thwarted.

Alas, I got about a dozen minutes of fun content for this podcast below. I think it’s worth hearing your fellow fans and how they feel about the upcoming season. Even found a Packer backer in the mix...