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Will Nathan Peterman be QB2?

Tyson Bagent’s great preseason earned him a roster spot, but is it as QB3?

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Okay, hear me out.

Why is Nathan Peterman on the 53-man roster?

The Chicago Bears initially waived Peterman during the initial roster cuts but signed him back to the active roster after placing Doug Kramer on IR.

Now, the move could be simply the fact that the Bears want to take advantage of the new QB3 rule and they want the extra active roster spot on Sundays. Tyson Bagent is QB2. Peterman is QB3. That might be the reason, end of story.

But is having Nathan Peterman available on Sundays in the regular season that crucial? The odds that both your first and second-string QB will sustain injuries that knock them out of the game are low, and most teams don’t have Willie Beamon waiting to electrify the crowd.

Once PJ Walker was waived, it seemed that Bagent had earned the QB2 job, but had he just played well enough that the Bears didn’t want to subject him to waivers and lose him outright?

I proposed a question previously: would Luke Getsy and Matt Eberflus be comfortable with the idea that if Justin Fields was banged up in the third quarter and Bagent had to come in to protect a 3-point lead when he has never taken a regular-season snap in the NFL? I had my doubts, and I thought I was proven wrong once the roster moves were made, but this makes you wonder.

The Bears said they weren’t opposed to signing a veteran QB. And while they did not bring anyone new into the fold, they did elevate Peterman which makes you think they did look at veterans and decided to stick with the player who knows their system.

Nathan Peterman would be totally safe on the Bears practice squad. Nobody would sign him. There’s no reason to elevate him to protect him like there is with Bagent. The only reason to have Peterman on the 53-man roster is if you have him as your second-string quarterback.

When the Bears' official depth chart is released, it is a strong possibility that Peterman will be listed as QB2 with Bagent as QB3.