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Packers bring a subpar offense to Soldier Field and Bears still lose season opener

This rivalry has become beyond exhausting for Bears fans. 

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

This wasn’t a run-of-the-mill week one rivalry matchup. This was the first time in decades the Packers have come to town without a hall of fame quarterback at the helm. This is the first game of Justin Fields’ adequate-supporting-cast prove-it season. This was the start of the DJ Moore era of Bears offense and Tremaine Edmunds era of Bears defense. This was a game the Bears needed to win to be taken seriously.

The Bears lost. I hope you all have developed other sources for joy in your lives.

Box Score

Just one zero yard run for old time’s sake

It was bold but ultimately right for the Bears to nod to past Bears offensive efforts against the Packers by starting off with a zero yard handoff. They made up for it immediately with a 19 yard screen to Khalil Herbert to gain their first first down of the season. Which came on their first drive of the season. Terrific progress for our beloved Bears.

Stop trying to be sneaky, Bears

After failed trickery on a Cole Kmet sneak and a too-short Justin Fields sneak, the Bears failed to get half a yard in two tries on a 3rd and 1. Just run a play action pass with the option for Fields to run it next time.

The Bears give Jordan Love his first drive at their own 40 yard line

Not ideal if the plan is to make the inexperienced young quarterback uncomfortable.

Tyrique Stevenson set the TONE for the secondary

On the first Packers drive, he exploded into the backfield to introduce Jayden Reed to the NFL with a full force tackle, forcing the Packers into a 3rd and long.

Where did these Packers-biased measuring sticks come from and can we send them back?


This is going to be a long game (and season) if the Bears can’t slow down Aaron Jones up the middle

After a slip on his first carry, the perennial menace-to-bears has been moving the ball at will. A nauseatingly-familiar site.

Jaquan Brisker injured on the first Packers drive

I pray the Bears have more mental toughness than I do, because I’m ready to pack it in for the season and retry next year.

Update: Brisker came back into the game and I decided not to give up on the entire season.

Jordan Love finishes his first drive with a touchdown pass

Supremely disgusting.

Tyler Scott has some juice in the kick return game

Something to look forward to for the 2024 season.

Justin Fields making good decisions on his first two drives

At least at first view, he’s taking checkdowns that work and deeper shots that are open. Every pass so far has been accurate, though the Chase Claypool drop will keep the box score from reflecting it. If the Bears stop false starting and unsportsmanlike-conducting, the next drive might just go all the way.

Welcome to Chicago, Yannick!

It wasn’t a sack, but Ngakoue’s 5 yard TFL did the job to end the Packers second drive before it started.

Update: the new Bear great got his first sack at the end of the half.

He still got legs

If anyone was wondering.

Please Sir, can I have some Moore

The second quarter was too late for DJ Moore to get his first target. But he went back to back with YAC-flaunting first down catches when he finally did.

Lukas Van Ness, annoyingly fast

Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into anything more than that.

Kyler Gordon stops the 3rd Packers offensive drive

Nice little PBU on a delightfully underthrown pass by Jordan Love. These elite Bear defenders are taking turns. I may have given up on the season too early.

The Packers are trying too hard to make Jordan Love a thing

Their run game is working but they keep putting themselves in difficult territory with early ineffective passes.

Next stop comes courtesy of Demarcus Walker

I mean, it was silly for Jordan Love to try a Justin Fields impression, thinking he could convert a 3rd and medium with his legs. He did manage to inspire some poor tackling attempts in the first two Bears that got to him, but was slow enough to give a third Bear a chance.

Whelan is dealin’

I hate to say it. But the Packers new punter has quite a booter and the leg to match.

The Bears screen game needs more work

If I’m being generous, I’ll say maybe the Packers are familiar with some of these screen plays that Getsy brought over. But I’m not feeling that generous when the Bears have had this many lost yards and busted plays on screens in the first half, even if a couple of them worked.

The Packers screen game seems fine

Hey Aaron Jones, how about 50 free yards? This is starting to feel like a Bears Packers game. Fun.

Maybe don’t leave an unblocked defender on a deep play action drop

2nd and 21 is a suboptimal way to start the second half. Overall, there have been far to many 2nd/3rd and hopeless plays for this Bears offense. I’ll have to do some research but I think this makes things harder for a quarterback.

Nothing like a dump off to a running back on 4th down for a free touchdown to rip your heart out

The NFL is clearly scripted and the scripts got a lot worse when the WGA went on strike.

Hello, Roschon

The rookie running back gave the Bears a spark of life late in the third quarter, leveling some scrub Packer on a 10 yard run and drawing a penalty in the process. Something to look forward to in 2024.

Moon Bear I never doubted you!

People forget how good Darnell Mooney is when he’s not the only good receiver on the field. He’s been the most productive receiver so far this game, and he managed to get wide open in the end zone for the Bears first touchdown of the 2023 season.

This is spiraling worse than I could have imagined...

Again, this hack scabbing script-writers are pushing things beyond realism. Consider disbelief unsuspended.

The good news is, Green Bay’s offense isn’t great. The bad news is, the Bears still got destroyed by them.

The Bears timeline honestly put them on a trajectory to be truly competitive next year. Nothing about this game tells us that won’t happen, and a lot of new pieces on this team means it’s going to take time for everyone to get up to speed. We knew the Bears lines were worse than Green Bays and that played out in some of the worst ways possible.

But losing this game means we’ll be subject to another year of getting dunked on by the most obnoxious fan base in NFL history. That hurts. You’re allowed to be upset.