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NFL Week 2 Odds: Bears are a 3-point underdog against the Buccaneers

Check out the early line for the week two Bears-Buccaneers game.

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

There are some early week two NFL odds available from our partners at DraftKings Sportsbook, and as expected, the 0-1 Chicago Bears are a three-point underdog in Florida against the 1-0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The over-under for the game is 43.5, with the moneyline at +124 for the Bears and -148 for Tampa Bay.

For those new to these numbers, the Bears getting 3 points means if you take the Bears, you get the points, so a final score of Bears 14-Bucs 16 means your three points would give you the win.

The over-under is the total points scored in the game, so in the above hypothetical (30 total points scored), anyone betting the under would win.

The moneyline is a wager where the teams are neither giving nor getting points; it’s just which team you think will win the game. A wager of $100 on the Bears means you’d win $124. If you pick the Bucs to win outright, you’d need to wager $148 to win $100.

Those numbers are sure to fluctuate during the week, but you’re locked in on whatever you place your bet at.

But back to these two teams, the Bears are coming off a disappointing 38-20 loss against their hated division rival Packers, while the Bucs unexpectedly knocked off the Vikings in Minnesota, 20 to 17.

Before the season started, many thought that this was a game the revamped Bears should be able to win. The Buccaneers are seemingly in a reset of their own with Tom Brady retiring, but no one tole the players. New quarterback Baker Mayfield made plays when he had to, and their defense had three takeaways.

The WCG crew will make their picks in a few days, but how do you see this week two matchup playing out?