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Stock up, stock down: Bears-Packers

What the heck was good about this game?

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Why do we put ourselves through this year after year?

When it is it actually ever going to get better? When it is going to end?

If not now, when?

The Chicago Bears once again couldn’t get out of their own way, were led by questionable and downright atrocious coaching and playcalling and lumbered their way to an 11-straight regular season loss and a ninth-straight loss to the Green Bay Packers. That’s the longest losing streak for the Bears in this rivalry since they lost 10 straight between 1994 and 1998.

It has now been 323 days since the Bears last won a regular season game.

It’s bleak right now and it is absolutely fair to wonder how much longer it can go on.

When you can’t beat anybody the schedule certainly doesn’t look like it gets easier. When you keep losing, it doesn’t matter how the QB looks, there are questions about if he’s the guy.

When you can’t complete a downfield throw or come up with a stop on third and 12 there are questions if these coaches are any more competent than the last bunch.

So year, it’s all bad right now. I don’t know when it’s going to get better either. But here we are. Again.

Stock up

Yannick Ngakoue, DE - The late-summer addition made his presence felt, notching two TFLs, a sack and a QB hit. He made a great stuff on a run play, absolutely pummeling the RB immediately after the handoff.

Roschon Johnson, RB - Sure, most of his totes came in garbage time, but he showed the things that made the draft community so excited when the Bears took him. He showed vision, power and balance to tip-toe the sideline for his first career touchdown.

Darnell Mooney, WR - Just about the only reliable target Justin Fields had, it was nice to see Mooney return to form. He got open and made the only real big downfield plays of the game for Fields.

Stock down

Braxton Jones, LT - Two holds and a false start is not how you want your second-year left tackle to start off. He had a tough showing. He should have been one of the better linemen and did nothing to quiet the OL talk, especially when the unit as a whole was very bad, again.

Chase Claypool, WR - Expectations may have been low, but my goodness. I think more people should’ve expected Jaire Alexander to take DJ Moore away, but with that element gone, I really thought Claypool would step up. Instead, he was blanked out of the box score. He had just two targets. Brutal.l

Luke Getsy, OC - What the hell was this game plan? Old timers will be remembering John Schoop offenses with all those screens. The Packers sure seemed to sniff out almost all of them and the blocking on others was bad too. There were virtually no downfield shots. It was an ugly, ugly game plan.

Honorable mentions: Matt Eberflus (where is his defense?) Darnell Wright didn’t have a great debut, DJ Moore (I know Jaire Alexander is great, but I was surprised he didn’t get a couple more catches in).

Who is on your list this week? Was there anyone else worthy of an up vote?