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Parkins: What does Matt Eberflus even do?

Danny Parkins joins the Bears Banter Podcast, and he didn’t like what he saw from the coaching staff.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

After the Green Bay Packers crushed the Chicago Bears 38 to 20, nobody is happy in Chicago. Whether it's the fans or the local media, everyone knows what a dreadful performance that was.

Danny Parkins from 670 The Score joins the podcast to try and put this thing in perspective.

While Danny knows that the offensive and defensive lines didn’t get it done, he calls Chase Claypool already a “sunk cost” and noted some other struggles as well, he’s totally down on this coaching staff. He’s down on Luke Getsy. He’s down on Alan Williams. But most importantly, he’s down on Matt Eberflus.

“What does Eberflus even do?” Parkins wondered.

“I don’t understand what Matt Eberflus’ edge for this team is,” he continued. “Last year they were one of the least penalized teams in football, okay. They seemed to not quit during a season where they went 3-14, okay. But they went 3-14, they certainly didn’t overachieve... but they were 30th or worse in every defensive category that matters... They made all these investments in the defense, but like, what does he do? Because I certainly don’t know.”

Danny brings plenty of heat, so make sure you check out a great podcast below!

And the video version of the Parkins segment can be seen right here.