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The Bears will bounce back against the Buccaneers

Week one was brutal for Bears fans, but it was just one game, so Greg Gabriel looks forward to the Buccaneers.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

If you're a Chicago Bears fan, the last week has been awful. Most, if not all, Bears fans hoped for or expected a victory over rival Green Bay and instead got a sub-par performance from their team. Because of that horrible performance, many fans and some media called for heads because, unfortunately, that's what fans and media do.

No one is going to get fired, not today, tomorrow, next week, or sometime in the near future, and probably not at the end of the season. NFL clubs rarely give a coach and/or GM just two seasons, especially after having to do the tear-down that the decision-makers had to do. Don't forget, when Ryan Poles took over in late January of 2022, the roster and the salary cap were a mess. It takes time, but I get it; the people in Chicago don't want to wait. That's their prerogative.

The Detroit Lions are a perfect example. In Head Coach Dan Campbell's first season in 2021, the Lions won three games, last year they started off by losing six of their first seven, and then things turned. For the second half of the 2022 NFL season, the Lions were the best team in the NFC North and continue to be. It takes time to build a winning attitude, culture, and team.

Everyone expected Justin Fields to have a big game last week. After all, it's his third year in the League and his second in this system. Yes, we hoped, and in the opening game he disappointed. I'll say this: it's one game, and you can't judge his improvement on one game. After five or six, it's a different story.

Tomorrow in Tampa, it's going to be difficult. The Buccaneers’ offense doesn't scare me, but their defense is excellent. Todd Bowles attacks on every play, so the Bear's defense has to be prepared with quick passes. I also feel we will see a lot of 12 personnel with Marcedes Lewis being used as the Y tight end and being kept in for pass blocking. Don't be surprised if a running back is also kept in often to defend against Bowles blitzes.

The weather will also be a factor, with a high temperature in the low 90s, high humidity and possible thunderstorms. Not only do the Bears have to fight the Bucs, but they have to fight the weather, as that heat and humidity can be a challenge. Expect a lot of substitutions in order to keep players fresh.

How do I see the game unfolding? I have been around this game a long time, and competitive teams usually follow a poor performance with a strong one. The Bears will win by a field goal.

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