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WCG Sunday Livestream: NFL Week 2 - Bears Vs Buccaneers

Week 1 was an abject disaster.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

The best thing that can be said after the Chicago Bears’ Week 1 loss to the Green Bay Packers is... well... welcome to Week 2!

The offseason was spent looking at a team that should have been much improved in many areas, but instead of rewarding optimism, Week 1 left the Bears with far more questions than answers.

The hope of course is that Week 1 is just a one-week anomaly, that there’s no way any of the issues that (again) reared their ugly head will persist through the year, that the Bears will figure out how to unlock their newly acquired, barely-used-in-week-1 WR1 DJ Moore and stop throwing so many dang checkdowns and screens.

Of course, winning their first game in twelve tries dating back to last year is a taller order than just saying “Do what did work and don’t do what didn’t work.” The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may not have Tom Brady anymore, but there’s still a lot here that isn’t a great matchup for the Bears.

But for the Navy and Orange, they’ll have to do a lot of “Do what did work and don’t do what didn’t work.” They have to get DJ Moore involved along with Cole Kmet. They have to push the ball downfield with Justin Fields’ skillset. They have to get more than six pressures in the entire game.

Play the team you have. Not the team you wish you had. Bear Down, my friends.

The WCG Sunday Livestream is a solo show today, which is probably just as well as Sam does not need to be talking about last week’s televised nonsense while he is celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to them for 10 years!

In the meantime, we have a lot to talk about, especially with the early afternoon kickoff. Inactives, Cloudy’s overs and unders, a lot of recap of last week, and a lot of what we need to see this week. Get your comments and chat remarks in:

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We’ll go live at 9:30 AM CT. See you then...