Bear in Mind: Bears struggles could have more of an impact than just wins and losses

My wife and I were sitting in a sports bar with the Bears and Packers game playing. She looked at me confused, "I know they watch tape of their games, why do they continue to suck at the same things, 16 years they suck". I didn’t have a good answer for her…and the 16 years reference was to how long we have been married. We were married shortly after the Bears lost the Super Bowl…so she did not get to enjoy that season. She has a lot in common with the new generation of Bears fans, when it comes to how they see their team.

We all already know Fields didn’t see the field in game 1, the second game…I think he did a lot better. Not to say he doesn’t need to do even better, if he wants to remain a starting quarterback in the NFL. You can’t hold on to the football for 5 seconds in the NFL and expect a good line to hold up, three of his sacks were after he held the ball for over 5 seconds…and I would not describe the Bears offensive line as good.

Chicago could be facing a perfect storm at a time they have a general manger that is building their team the right way. He is not over extending by mortgaging the future and has, what looks like the first logical plan a Bears GM has had over the past two decades. He will make mistakes but he will be able to recover from them. We may have our offensive left and right tackles and have had the floor of our defense raised. We may have to accept that we do not have our QB of the future though. This is where the perfect storm comes into play…a storm that may effect many other bad, quarterback needy, teams in the future.

The new generation of Bears fans are not the only ones out there who relate the Chicago Bears to losing football games. These athletes coming out of college see them the same way. With these college athletes seeing a team like this and with any QB they would target getting paid for their name, image, and likeness…that QB deciding to stay in school to decrease their chances of ending up on that team might make a lot more sense to them…if they are already making $1 million dollars plus a year.

If the Bears are in the market for a new quarterback next year, they need to put Fields in the best possible position to succeed and I do not think they have done that. Was their improvements this week? I think there was, by both Fields and the play calling. Is there still a chance Fields can come around this year? Yes, I believe their is a chance. What looks like happened to Fields…is the Chicago Bears wasted his first three years of development. He saw his receivers in game two, but I do not know how many he missed without watching the All 22 and making a best guess. What he should be learning this year is how to go through his progressions dependent on what he reads from the defense. In all honestly, he probably should have been working on that last year. These future NFL quarterbacks see that too.

With a ragtag offensive line, an under developed quarterback, bad play calling and top tier college athletes being able to stay in college longer because they are already getting paid…this can really be a problem for a bad team looking to draft a quarterback. If the Chicago Bears end up having a high draft pick in 2024 and its because Fields is not the guy, there may be some surprises in who is available in the draft. if you were one of those QBs would you stay in college and take your chances in the 2025 draft, or enter the draft and get taken by a team who’s best quarterback played in the 1940s?

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.