We need calm down

The overreaction from Bears fans to Justin Fields needs to stop. I have a high understanding of QB play, and watching Justin, there is a little concern, but not what everyone is complaining about. The play where he had the wide open rail route, and he passed on, was a good decision by him. Everyone Complains like they are playing Madden. He could not have gotten any of the throws off. The out to Dj More, if he throws that it is picked, it was baited by the corner; the dig has a linebacker underneath and a safety over the top. On the rail route that he passed on, he had a defense lineman coming down hard on him. The few concerns I do have are he looks like he has lost all zip on the ball and is not throwing as good of a ball as he did in the past. It seems like this new throwing motion is making him uncomfortable; also I am now concerned with him carrying the football he looks almost scared to run the ball. Flus is making him turn into Trent Dilfor and not making him be the big play player he is. I think we all just need to calm down he is throwing the ball well way better then the last two years. It will click eventually the bears need to call up some better plays; screens need to go they need to get into some simple air raid concepts with easy tags off of them. Four verts, mesh, smash and some rpo get him on the move with leaks and glances on the front or back side. Let’s take a deep breath and support not tear down this QB.

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