Is Fields the passer hurting Fields the runner?

In a week where no NFC North team won, we extended our losing streak, and our offence still baffle's me. On the bright side, we had two drives that showed the tremendous potential of our offence. It was good to not see many screen-plays going east or west and going North instead. An offence should always look to go North, especially when it's becoming clear that our tight ends and wide receivers can't block.

Sadly, our defence gave up a lot of yards, and we were lucky to be in this game in the second half. The Bucs really should've put up more points in the first half. I'm going to credit the defence here, as they came into the game without Kyler Gordon. Then we lost Eddie Jackson and Jaquan Brisker. It's a tough ask for any defence that loses 3 starters and doesn't have a pass rush. I did see more hustle this week from our defence, but I'm worried about our defence going forward.

Now back to the offence and what baffles me the most.

Where is Justin Fields the runner?

I know there was a desire to see Justin Fields the passer this season, and in his personal development, I recognise we need to see this. It was something Fields mentioned last season when he was in the running for the single-season rushing record for a QB. I can't remember the exact quote, but Justin Fields said he wanted the record and then focus on passing going forward.

Now, we're in 2023, and Justin Fields the runner has disappeared almost completely. It was very noticeable that Fields was reluctant to run and was sitting in the pocket too long.

Justin Fields is not calling the plays, but he wasn't calling the plays last season either, and he almost ran for a record. I wonder if our coaches desire a pocket passer and are determined to see if Justin Fields can be that this season.

It would appear that everyone is on board with this. Justin Fields stated that last season and Luke Getsy's play calling highly suggest it. I can't see Matt Eberflus not being involved with the game planning on offence, and I doubt Ryan Poles didn't have a say at some point in how Field's would be developed.

I'm starting to think that Justin Fields, Luke Getsy, Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles have forgotten they have a scrambler at QB and not a Pocket Passer.

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