The Fat Man Thunkith

New regime after new regime in Chicago...we hold tight to our belief in "this time it will work" or "we have our guy now". But does it every really happen? We celebrated new coaches over the decades and new GMs…or did we? Looking back, it feels like we were celebrating the dismissal of incompetents believing it can only get better…but has it? Does it ever really get better? I will give you Trestman may have been a low but Fox and Nagy didn’t work, our current coaches are having the same consistent failure we have all become accustom to as Bears fans.

I will give you we are out of salary cap hell right now, but it does not seem like we are doing anything with it. Our QB1 has been a revolving door for so long its like we celebrate moving on apposed to true excitement about a talent we bring in. Fields may be the exception to the rule in that regard but he is not panning out "yet" either. I have hope with him, but it is year three and its not working. We constantly bring in free agents that done work, draft players that don’t work and bring coaches in that don’t work.

When was the last time the Chicago Bears made a good decision that did not involve firing someone?

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