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Hot Take Tuesday: What did we do to deserve this?

The incoherent ramblings of a belligerent Bears fan

NFL: SEP 17 Bears at Buccaneers Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I know we burnt the city to the ground in 1870. We changed the name of the Sears Tower. We let Al Capone run rampant. The history of our politicians is a little spotty. Sure, we as Chicagoans have had some issues in our fair city over the years. But did we deserve to be punished?

I mean, really, is that what we must endure? I really think the punishment should fit the crime, and our city’s missteps over the last 150 years certainly didn’t deserve the last thirty years of this football team.

This season marks the 31st season since Mike Ditka was fired. No, I’m not trying to make a case that Ditka was some all-time great sideline general. Ditka had plenty of issues, he was definitely a right place, right time kind of coach, but whatever you think about the man, he presided over the last great stretch of Chicago Bears football.

Lovie Smith was here for nine years, and the Bears averaged nine wins a season over that stretch with one Super Bowl appearance, that’s pretty good, but it’s far from great.

Since Lovie Smith, we’ve had over a decade of complete incompetence. We had a GM get saddled with a coach he didn’t want. We had that same GM hide his plans for the third overall pick from his head coach. We had a new head coach who wanted to install a system for a cerebral, pocket quarterback, something that wasn’t on his roster. We had a Chairman let a GM and head coach who were almost certainly going to be fired in a year, draft a new quarterback, and saddle that QB and new GM with a complete roster teardown one year later while he tries to develop. And to top it off, we now have an offensive coordinator who thinks he’s playing Madden on rookie level and can run the identical play three straight times with hope that it’ll actually work.

I could talk about the Tampa game. I could talk about making Baker Mayfield look like an All-Pro. I could talk about the defensive woes on third down. I could talk about Justin’s 6-second sacks. I could talk about Luke Getsy’s horrible play designs and play calling. I could talk about all of that. But you’ve heard it all already.

The Bears are hopeless, and it’s happened under George McCaskey’s watch. George cannot run an organization. Hopefully, Kevin Warren can, and George gets out of the way. Is everyone in the Bears organization so stupid that they can’t find one quarterback that can be above league average? That’s an organizational failure. Did they ruin the quarterbacks or do they not know how to pick them? The answer is “Yes.”

So Kevin Warren, it’s up to you. Save this franchise from itself. Save this fanbase from continually rooting for a loser year after year. Tell George McCaskey this is your boat and you’re the Captain. Take the controls. Maybe you can do it, maybe you can’t, but there’s no one else that even stands a chance.

This fan base keeps saying we’re going to quit on the Bears, but we never do. We can’t. Please save us, Kevin. Do what needs to be done, and take the first steps towards bringing a winner to Chicago.

Marc Trestman was the first coach in Bears history who was fired with two years remaining on his contract. Matt Eberflus needs to be the first one fired with three years remaining on his contract. If you want to give Ryan Poles more time, that’s up to you. But the coaching must change. Is it too late for Justin Fields? Most likely. If it is, make the tough choice, don’t lose out on someone from this quarterback class to hang on to a quarterback that might be ruined. Could he have succeeded elsewhere? Perhaps. But that’s something the league may never know.

The Bears might have two top-five picks in the NFL Draft. They can draft a new quarterback and get a blue-chip position player. If that’s the tough choice that needs to be one, Kevin Warren needs to do it.

Help us Kevin Warren, you’re our only hope.

Quick Hits

  • Defensive-minded head coach Matt Eberflus’ defense has given up 25 or more points in twelve straight games with the Chiefs up next. Thirteen it is.
  • The next person in charge of the offense better have experience play-calling on Sundays. Prerequisite. End. Of. Story.
  • Matt Eberflus was the best candidate of the finalists that Bill Polian gave to George McCaskey. Let that sink in.
  • Now that the Lions are good, have the Bears become the poster child for the most poorly run, pathetic franchise in the league?
  • The Carolina Panthers are 0-2, they look like they are headed for a top-five pick.
  • Luke Getsy has abandoned the run. His running backs are averaging 7 less attempts per game than the Matt Nagy era. Seven.
  • Braxton Jones has totaled up 45 yards in penalties so far this season.
  • Darnell Wright is already stacking good reps despite receiving very little help from the blocking schemes.
  • I said in the offseason Andrew Billings is the team’s best defensive lineman. Even after the Ngakoue signing, let me just say, Andrew Billings is the team’s best defensive lineman.
  • Matt Nagy is about the drop a 40-burger on Matt Eberflus’ defense. I’m having fun.