Its a Flus Show in Chicago

The first person to create a tool to perform a task that could not be performed before that tool was invented, proved that the proverbial box" does not exist. The box that Fields is in is one of his coaches own making. His opponents do not need to worry about containing Justin Fields, his own coaching staff is doing it for them. Fields has a set of tools that few on this planet have and this coaching staff has taken that away from him. This is the equivalent to putting a governor on a Shelby Mustang. Fields comments can be summarized as let me loose because not every play allows me to make a play from within the pocket. Tim Jenkins had a great take on the issues with Justin Fields on the CHGO podcast yesterday regarding why coaches have their QBs have their right foot back apposed to their left foot and why Justin should go back to having his left foot back, it is worth listening to.

Matt Eberflus and his press conference basically came down to Fields can play loose and do what he does best if he does so in the artificial box the coaching staff created for him and are forcing him into. They are literally scheming one of their best weapons out of the game plan, the opposition must be rolling on the floor laughing over this. With Braxton Jones out and no real options for left tackle, if he continues to force Fields to stay in the pocket…that could be considered conspiracy to commit grave bodily harm. Between doubling down on what doesn’t work on offense and no update on his own defensive coordinator, calling it a sh*t show is an understatement…its a Flus show in Chicago.

CHGO clip talking about footwork

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