Unleash the Fury: George McCaskey edition

"The Chicago Bears are trash. They're not a good organization." ESPN, national coverage.

"This is a leaderless, rudderless, complete organizational failure." ESPN, national coverage.

"They are ruining that kid due to complete organizational incompetence. That place is a dumpster fire." ESPN, national coverage.

These are just a few of the quotes this week, in week 3 of the 2023 NFL season, but the themes are not new to Bears fans. When major media outlets are destroying the "Bears organization", they're talking about you Mr. George McCaskey. Your reign as the Chairman has been a complete and total failure and you strongly need to consider stepping aside for someone that is more than "just a fan". Let's review how you have destroyed your organization.

You became the 4th Chairman of the Chicago Bears in May 2011 and tried to shake things up by working with your Team President to fire Jerry Angelo in Jan 2012. Shaking things up even more, you and Ted allowed Phil Emery to fire Lovie Smith after finishing a season 10-6. The Bears offense just never clicked under Coach Smith, moving on from Lovie was justified to move the team in an offensive direction.

What happens next is the beginning of the downfall and the rapid climb of the Chicago Bears to laughing stock of the NFL. You, George McCaskey, had to option of hiring the reigning Coach of the Year in Bruce Arians and you actually hired a guy that had been run out of the NFL and been coaching in Canada, Marc Trestman. You are the Chairman, this is your organization, and you screwed up. Bruce Freakin Arians lost to Marc Freakin Trestman! In what Universe is this a logical and justifable decision??? I guess this one. THIS IS YOUR FAULT, MR. MCCASKEY!!! YOU'RE THE BOSS AND YOU ALLOW THIS INCOMPETENCE IF NOT PUSHING FOR IT YOURSELF!!!

Ok. Fine. Bruce Arians goes on to win a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay and Trestman is run out of Chicago in just two short horrific years along with the GM that you also hired. What do you do next, George? You bring in Ryan Pace and John Fox. I guess you didn't learn anything with the Emery hire and the risks of hiring a first time GM. I also guess you were told to hire John Fox by your 'consultants' to re-establish some culture. Fine. It didn't work and John Fox produced the worst season I had ever witnessed finishing with a 3-13 record. Your team is sitting with the #3 pick in the NFL draft and young Mr. Kyle Shanahan just took the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl with his high-functioning offense is available to be a Head Coach. You know what to do, George. Launch Fox, hire Shanahan, and let your new Head Coach pick any one of 3 elite QB prospects, right? Right, George? let your GM keep Fox and draft a QB behind his back. THIS IS YOUR FAULT, MR. MCCASKEY!!! YOU'RE THE BOSS AND YOU ALLOW THIS INCOMPETENCE!!!

In a not shocking turn of events, lame duck John Fox was fired and now you need to make sure you find a staff that can develop Mitch Trubisky. What's the move, George? You hire a used car salesman and a fraud, Matt Nagy, because he had a whopping 6 games of playcalling experience. Do you know who expected this to fail, George. I did because I have a brain. Don't throw that 2018 Coach of the Year trophy at me either, that offense starting falling apart in the back half of 2018 when DC's got a read on Nagy as a playcaller and the trophy should have went to one Mr. Vic Fangio. He's the reason that team succeeded. Of course Nagy and Pace are a mess and should have been launched after the 2020 season. Did you let them go, George? Nope. You allowed your lame duck General Manager and lame duck Head Coach to invest two 1st round picks into drafting Justin Fields. This stuff ain't rocket science, George. DO NOT LET LAME DUCKS MAKE DECISIONS THAT IMPACT YOUR TEAM FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. Of course, at the end of 2020 you had to make the move and dismiss Nagy and Pace. Unfortuate that they tried to ruin Justin Fields from the moment he joined the team. I mean, having him spend OTAs and camp only getting number 2 reps was laughable, but you allowed all of it. THIS IS YOUR FAULT, MR. MCCASKEY!!! YOU'RE THE BOSS AND YOU ALLOW THIS INSANITY!!!

Here we are. You hire Ryan Poles. Time to find an experienced offensive staff that can maximize the growth and development of Justin Fields, right George? He's the best QB prospect I've ever seen the Bears draft, you are going to do everything you can to set him up to lead the Bears to a Championship, right George? Nope. YOU ALLOW YOUR FIRST TIME GM TO HIRE A FREAKING DEFENSE COORDINATOR AS A FIRST TIME HEAD COACH WHO GOES ON TO HIRE A FIRST TIME OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR!!! Why George? Why? Why do you do this to yourself? Here we are on September 22, 2023 and every major media outlet jokes about how bad your organization is at pretty much everything. Your franchise has never had a 4,000 passer. Your franchise has never had a QB throw 30 TDs in a season. Your franchise is riding a franchise record 12 game losing streak. You know who is to blame for the last decade of incompetence? You are George. It's you. THIS IS YOUR FAULT, MR. MCCASKEY!!! YOU'RE THE BOSS AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO MANAGE YOUR ORGANIZATION!!!

If this job as Chairman is too big for you, then step aside and let someone else do it.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.