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WCG Sunday Livestream: NFL Week 3 - Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs

After the week that was, playing a football game against the Chiefs feels like relief.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears are 0-2. The offense hasn’t looked impressive. Neither has the defense. That on its own would be bad enough.

Then Justin Fields says in a press conference what’s been apparent for a while. Then defensive coordinator Alan Williams resigns from the team after being absent from the team for last week’s game. Then left tackle Braxton Jones goes on IR with a neck injury. Then the Bears have six-figures worth of equipment stolen from them.

By the way, did I mention the Bears still have to face only the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs this week?

It’s been a busy week for the Navy and Orange, in most of the ways that an NFL team prefers it not to happen, especially in Week 3. But if Fields delivered a needed wake-up call to the Bears offense and the defense manages to keep a thus-far-struggling Chiefs offense held down, maybe the Bears can keep it within the spread.

Or maybe they can just take the win and give the fans a little hope, who knows.

Either way. Bear Down, my friends.

Today’s WCG Sunday Livestream welcomes back Sam and with a full week away and a very eventful week since the last game, the rant will be fiery.

Of course, if you want to participate, here’s how you do it:

  • The comments in this thread. We read them. We remark on them. We discuss them. Sometimes we laugh.
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We’ll be live at 9:30 AM CT, with a lot to go over, so don’t miss it.