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The latest on the Alan Williams situation

The latest on the Alan Williams situation allegedly involves ‘inappropriate’ workplace activity.

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Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Specifics about the Alan Williams resignation have yet to fully come out, but this morning, two prominent NFL insiders shared what they have learned about the former defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears.

“I’m told it was not criminal activity, but it was inappropriate,” reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter, “and the Bears’ HR department was involved in the decision for Alan Williams to step aside.”

You can check out Schefter’s soundbyte here from Awful Announcing.

If true, behaving inappropriately at the workplace, with the HR department involved, would explain why general manager Ryan Poles and the coaching staff have been so vague in their statements about Williams.

However, head coach Matt Eberflus has allegedly been more forthright with the players, according to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

According to Rapoport, coach ‘Flus went to each position group’s meeting room and discussed Williams’ resignation while shooting down all the “crazy rumors” that popped up on social media. He purportedly informed them that he’d be the defensive play-caller moving forward while taking questions from the players in an “honest, frank discussion.”

Again according to Rapoport, Eberflus told him he believes “this will be a galvanizing moment for the Bears.”

That segment can be heard here from Rapoport, along with some Justin FIelds stuff.

The Athletics’ Dianna Russini wrote about the Bears earlier today as well:

Multiple people on the Bears property spotted a forensic vehicle parked outside the facility in the wake of Williams’ resignation. I was told by multiple league sources this is standard practice when a team employee has resigned or has been fired. That employee’s work devices, such as a computer and cell phone, are downloaded out of caution. This is a layer of protection for the Bears against potential future lawsuits involving a former employee, those sources said.