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Bears hit new low with humiliating loss in front of Taylor Swift

To say it wasn’t the Bears day is a thing you could say about this game and since there’s nothing good to say, I guess I’ll just say that in an unnecessarily run-on sentence way.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
The future is uncertain for the Bears young quarterback.

This game started off with potential. With the Chicago Bears facing the reigning champions after two thoroughly disappointing losses and a historically disastrous week at Hallas Hall, expectations could not have been lower. So this was the first realistic chance for the Bears to exceed expectations.

As an added bonus, I’ve already hit my limit of football-induced nausea watching the Packers improbable comeback victory. Nothing can hurt me now.

Update: The Bears exceeded expectations in the wrong direction.

Box Score

Oh dear, Taylor Swift is watching

If the Bears play anything like their first two games, I don’t want to hear the song she writes about their performance. That songstress can weave a devastating yard when she so chooses.

Update: maybe she’ll write a sympathy song for us? Maybe she has some insight into what we can learn from this experience? Because I certainly don’t.

Bears defense looks tired of being embarrassed

The Bears came out fast on their first two plays, with multiple Bears rushing to the ball to stop the first run and Jaylon Johnson swatting the ball out of Justyn Ross’ hands on the Kansas City Chiefs’ first pass. They failed to pressure Mahomes on 3rd, but brought the Chiefs right back to 3rd down with some good energy and ultimately forced the Chiefs off the field.

Fields gets the Bears out of trouble with a nice pass to Claypool

Kmet even picked up a crucial block on George Karlaftis to let Fields escape pressure make a 15 yard pass and give the Bears some space to work. The rest of the drive went nowhere, but we’re looking for small things to feel good about today. Nice play, Bears!

The Bears defense looks ready to get embarrassed again

They may have run out of scrappy energy in the first drive. Or maybe, they’re just outmatched by the best quarterback and tight end in the league. Either way, the Bears' defense gifted Kansas City their first 1st quarter score of the season. You’re welcome, Matt.

Is the Bears run game finding its legs?

The Bears second drive started with 40 straight yards on the ground between Justin Fields and Khalil Herbert. Of course, it then ended with a sack on 3rd and 6 that took them out of field goal range. It was a good bout of jogging from the young Bears either way. Hopefully it’s something to build on. Maybe we’ll see a successful play action pass next drive!

Is the Bears defense what Clyde Edwards-Helaire needs to revive his career

Maybe the new goal for the Bears should be just uplifting the lives and careers of everyone they play the way actual Bears uplift the spirits of everyone they see?

Update: Isiah Pacheco also looks great against the Bears' defense. If the Bears uplift everyone equally, does anyone truly benefit?

Brisker hurt again

The talented young safety has had an injury of some sort every game so far this season. He keeps coming back in, but I’m not enjoying the trend.

Could Greg Olsen be an improvement at OC?

On second and 7 in the Bears' third drive, Olsen pointed out the Chiefs were heavily playing the run with a stacked box and suggested that might benefit from play action. Bears ran it for zero yards. I think Olsen may have had a better idea than Getsy. Former Bear great. It could work.

Let Nagy run his silly little plays against the Bears

As soon as Jerrick McKinnon threw the ball back to Mahomes for a surprise 2nd pass I could imagine it. Nagy too excited in Andy Reid’s office. Reid humoring him, “yeah, we can run that,” knowing the whole time he’ll only allow it up 14 to 0 against a hopeless defense.

Bears get another stop!

After giving up three straight touchdowns, the Bears force Kansas City to settle for a field goal after the Bears gifted them a short field with Khalil Herbert’s fumble. This may be the momentum shift the Bears need for this season, this regime, and perhaps the McCaskey era.

Update: the next Bears drive was two plays, an uncharacteristic DJ Moore drop, then a tipped ball interception. I do not believe the momentum has shifted.

Things you don’t want to hear about your team from announcers:

“This first half couldn’t have gone worse.” “It’s just a flat-out disaster.” “You could say it’s a meltdown by Chicago.” “Right now, it’s just spiraling out of control.” “Bears are going to go for it, obviously, down 41.” “Fields doesn’t know what to do right now.” “This is a shared failure to this point: players, coaches, front office.” “Chicago has to find a couple moral victories.” “Obviously it’s been a one-sided game.”

Free idea to anyone who broadcasts football games

If there’s a delay of game penalty, make a graphic of a cool dog coming onto the field to bring the ball back 5 yards. Call it the D.O.G. dog.

Can you lose bad enough to get the 1st overall pick in September?

Taylor can just decide we deserve it, right?

There’s been a huge uptick in 1 yard scrambles from Fields this season

And I’m not sure it’s working for him. Go back to the 60-yard touchdown runs, please.

The Gift of Gabbert

The Chiefs turned to backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert up 41 in the 3rd quarter, and quickly through an interception to Bears star linebacker, Jack Sanborn. This is certainly the momentum shift the Bears need.

Update: Blaine kept giving with another interception thrown to Bears UDFA rookie Quindell Johnson. Nice lifetime memory for the young Bear.

A little movement with designed runs

This certainly falls under the “too little too late” category of accomplishments, but it’s nice to see the ball move in the correct direction for a couple of first downs. At this point, I’m just hoping the Bears aren’t relegated before the game is over.

DJ Moore grabbing Justin Fields to get him off the field is the best thing I’ve seen today

At least our most important offensive players are looking out for each other.

Fields repayed him on the next play with a perfect pass allowing Moore to show off a pretty one-handed grab for something that at some point may be included in a highlight real and seem cool rather than an insufficient attempt at hopebuilding for a desperately deflated franchise.

The Bears are not a phoenix rising from the flames. They didn’t find any magical inspiration from their disastrous start to the season or their tumultuous week. Justin Fields didn’t find any sort of groove playing looser.

This season has already been too long and there are 14 games left.