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Notes: Bears get blown out by Chiefs, waste all of our time

The Bears fall to 0-3 in the most depressing way possible.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Bears have fallen to 0-3 after a humiliating 41-10 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday.

As a result of their disengaged and uninspired play, I will give them an uninspired game recap in return. They’ve already taken enough time from me, and I refuse to give them the dedication needed to write a good, precise day-after notes article.

If you didn’t watch the Bears on Sunday and rely on these articles to sum up what happened in the game the day before, I apologize for not providing up to standard this week. I also emphasize that it’s probably best you not know what happened. Live in ignorance; I wish I could.

The offense was uninspired. Justin Fields didn’t play well. His decision making was questionable, and his accuracy was subpar. The playcalling was bland and predictable. Chicago’s wide receivers couldn’t get open. The offensive line wasn’t great in pass protection. The ground game wasn’t terrible, but there just generally wasn’t enough offensive firepower to ever get going.

As bad as the offense was, the defense might’ve been even worse. The middle of the field was consistently wide open in coverage, allowing Patrick Mahomes to pick apart the Bears’ defense through the air. He finished 24-for-33 with 272 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions upon getting pulled in the third quarter.

The Bears failed to tackle consistently. Their coverage, as has been the case all year, was passive and vanilla. Calling it vanilla is an insult to vanilla-flavored things, actually — it’s not all that creative of an order, but at least vanilla tastes good. Nothing went right for the Bears on defense against Kansas City.

Jack Sanborn and Quindell Johnson both got interceptions in garbage time. On offense, DJ Moore had a touchdown and a nice one-handed grab. Outside of said garbage time, though, there were no “big plays” the Bears made all game on either side of the field.

That’s all I’m going to say about how the Bears played against the Chiefs this week. Hats off to the Chiefs for getting a big win in front of their home crowd. After how Chicago performed in their first two games, this was a statement game in a major way for Matt Eberflus and the rest of his coaching staff.

The statement: “We suck.”