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SB Nation Reacts: The Bears are who we thought they were

No change in this week’s Chicago Bears confidence survey results, but fans believe there is plenty of blame to go around for the 0-3 start.

NFL: SEP 10 Packers at Bears Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I misjudged the pulse of Chicago Bears fans this week. I thought after a third consecutive loss to start the season — a 41-10 defeat at the hands of the Super Bowl champs that didn’t even feel that close — that our SB Nation Reacts confidence poll would drop even lower than last week’s 7%.

But there was no change.

Heading into week four, the Bears are still exactly who we thought they were.

That same 7% either thinks this team is close to turning it around, like the coaching staff wants us to believe, or they’re just incapable of voting against our beloved Navy and Orange.

You can count me among the 93% of our fans who aren’t confident in the franchise’s direction, and I’ve been voting that way for a couple of weeks now.

I understood the vision from General Manager Ryan Poles when he took over last year. I wasn’t completely on board, but I got why he felt he needed to strip the roster that far down. He was left with a messy cap and a flawed roster from the previous Ryan.

I was on board with most of Poles’ decisions this offseason, and I truly thought this team was heading in the right direction.

But then 0-3 happened. The defensive head coach has an awful defense. The quarterback has regressed because the offensive coordinator is running... I honestly have no idea what he’s running. Luke Getsy isn’t doing the stuff that worked last year, he’s not running an outside zone, bootleg style offense, and he’s not even doing the RPO stuff that he picked up from his college coaching days.

The offense is bad, the defense is outdated and can’t get to the quarterback, and the roster has a few holes that could have been addressed with some creative spending.

And that leads me to this week’s other Reacts question. There’s so much blame to go around with these Bears, and that’s how most of us voted.

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This week’s set of national questions featured one about the Bears and one about their opponent this week, the Denver Broncos.