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Keys to the Game Roundtable: Bears-Broncos

It’s a battle of the winless teams Sunday and our team breaks down what it will take for a Chicago W.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

What is it going to take for the Chicago Bears to win a game?

It’s the question we’ve been asking almost every week since last October, and this Sunday appears to be possibly the best chance they have.

The 0-3 Denver Broncos have a lot of their own issues and are fresh off allowing 70 points. Their defense is easily the worst Chicago has played this year.

But even that doesn’t feel like enough for it to matter.

This is a winnable game, but the Bears are the Bears and can’t get out of their own way.

Our contributors weigh in on what they think it will take for Chicago to snap their losing streak.

Sam Householder: This is going to be a terrible game, between two terrible teams. On paper, they’re relatively similar in the stats. But for the Bears, run the damn ball. The Broncos surrendered 70 points and 350 rushing yards a week ago. Do what you can do well, run the ball. Build the play action game off of that.

Defense, I’m a broken record: get off the field on third down. But also, maybe blitz, mix up coverage, do something. Because what you’ve been doing, is not working.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: The Broncos have had some interior offensive line issues this season, so the Bears will need big games from pocket pushers Gervon Dexter Sr. and Andrew Billings. I’d also like to see Coach ‘Flus dial up some inside stunts and blitzes. They need to fluster Russell Wilson and they aren’t getting it done playing it straight. Offensively, ugh… just do something.

Josh Sunderbruch: This team needs fire. Guys aren’t hustling. Players show up looking beaten. On offense, Fields needs to play fast and aggressive. On defense, it would be nice if these physical defensive backs actually played something other than pillow-level soft coverage.

Jack R. Salo: Like most football games, the Bears offense needs to win the battle in the trenches. One-on-one matchups will be huge, and the game plan needs to be tight so guys aren’t picking the wrong assignment. Clean pocket, running lanes to go North-South, and play angry.

On defense, the Bears have to get takeaways. Winning the turnover battle is so crucial to winning football games. Last week against the Chiefs, the Bears finally got their first takeaways of the picking off Blaine Gabbert twice in garbage time. The Bears need takeaways while the game is competitive.

Taylor Doll: At this point, do basic football things. Run the ball (a lot), actually catch the ball, play disciplines (less penalties), and don’t turnover the ball. Making it to the red-zone is a start, and however they can manage to figure out third downs on both sides of the ball, it has to be done. The defense has allowed 27 of 45 third downs to be converted (60%), and the offense has only converted 13 of 38 third downs (34%) which is unacceptable. One sack in three games is unacceptable. Not everything is going to be fixed this week, so just do basic football things and limit mistakes.

What are your keys to this week’s game?