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Chicago Bears 2023 Season Predictions: The most surprising win will be...

The WCG crew caps off our 2023 Chicago Bears prediction roundtable here.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Week one gets underway tomorrow afternoon, so we wrap up our roundtable series by asking our writing team to answer this question...

Which game will be the Chicago Bears' most surprising win in 2023?

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: The Bears have lost eight straight to the Packers, and while Chicago may be a slight favorite tomorrow, a win would bring a huge sigh of relief from Bears fans expecting the worst. And did you know that it's been 27 years since the Bears knocked off the Packers in a week one game? That 2006 team won with a 26 to 0 shutout and went on to take the NFC Championship.

Erik Duerrwaechter: Bears sweep the Packers! This hasn't happened since 2007, when Brian Griese and Kyle Orton took turns in shredding the cheese. Okay, but really, 2007 was the last time the Bears pulled off a seasonal sweep of the Packers. It has been a very long time since the Bears were this well-positioned to beat the Packers. It's time to start reaping that sweet revenge as the long-awaited turning point in this rivalry shifts in favor of Chicago.

Jeff Berckes: How can you be surprised when you walk into every week expecting victory?! Okay, I'll play along. As of this moment, the Bears are 2.5-point underdogs on their trip to New Orleans, a team that might be slightly overhyped given the barren landscape of the NFC South.

Sam Householder: The team's easier schedule makes this one difficult to pick because there aren't a lot of games where I feel the Bears are strongly overmatched, and the ones where I do feel that way (at Chiefs), it doesn't feel like there's an easy path to victory. I think the best one to pick as it stands today is at New Orleans, a game they will very likely be underdogs in.

Steven Schweickert: I'll take the Bears heading to Minnesota on November 27.

Aaron Leming: Versus the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field. The Lions are riding the hype train into the regular season, and to their credit, some of it is warranted. That said, I still see this as a close division where no single team separates themselves as head and shoulders above the competition. The Bears must find a way to go .500 in their own division, and one of those games likely comes against the Lions. I'll take them at home to knock off the projected NFC North winners in Week 14 as their "surprise win" of 2023.

Jack Salo: It may surprise people to learn that ESPN currently has the Bears favored in 7 games this season, but what struck me was how heavily dis-favored the Bears are when they take on the Browns in December. The last time Justin Fields faced the Browns, the then-rookie quarterback was hit 15 times, including nine sacks. After what could be a rough start to this coming season, this game could be the start of a hot finish as the Bears build momentum with this roster.

Josh Sunderbruch: I'm going unconventional here and saying the NFC North. There is not a single divisional team I believe in this year, so I can see there being a chance for the Bears to sneak in despite having a fair-to-middling record.

Ken Mitchell: Super Bowl LVII

Which game would be the most surprising Bears' W?