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A Scout’s Take: Why We Haven’t Heard Anything From Halas Hall

Greg Gabriel shares what’s likely going on behind the scenes at Halas Hall the last few days

SPORTS-FBN-WIEDERER-COLUMN-TB Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

It’s 5:50 a.m. (CT) Wednesday morning, as I begin to write this, and by the time you’re reading it on Windy City Gridiron, it may be old news, but here we go...

EDITOR: It’s now old news as the Bears are keeping Eberflus while firing several offensive coaches, but this is still a good read from Greg for the perspective on what goes into these decisions.

The Chicago Bears finished their 2023 NFL season late Sunday afternoon, and fans are antsy because we are into our third day, and there has been no news out of Halas Hall regarding anything. Why is that?

Having been part of these post-season discussions with two different franchises, I totally understand what is going on and why we haven’t heard anything.

Going into Sunday’s game vs Green Bay the team was on a high, they won four of their last five games and fans and I believe the team itself felt they were going to go into Green Bay and win. Instead, disaster happened, and the Bears played perhaps their worst game in the last seven to eight weeks.

Fans, being fans, are upset and full of emotion, and trust me, so are many within the Bears’ organization. The last thing they can do is let emotion take over the decision-making process. When that happens, in more cases than not, the wrong decisions can be made. Clubs must be smart and methodical when making big decisions.

The decision-makers, and in the Bears’ case, that would be George McCaskey, Kevin Warren, and Ryan Poles, have to be firm in their belief that what they are going to do is the absolute right thing for the franchise. Remember, they just changed the entire front office two years ago with the Ryan Poles hiring and then added to that less than a year ago with the addition of team president Kevin Warren. It is my belief that they aren’t about to make a quick decision on anything.

When discussing the Head Coach, they have to review why they hired him. What traits did he possess that led the team to offer him the Head Coaching position? Then they have to decide if they made the wrong decision and need a new direction or if the rebuild is just taking a little longer than was hoped.

Let’s not forget Matt Eberflus was given an empty deck when he took over. Shortly after his hire and then throughout the early part of the 2022 season, the team was stripped of many productive players. This was done because they felt that the players traded or let go were not going to be a winning part of the team going forward.

In the 2023 off-season, new players were added via the Draft and veteran free agency, but the reality is none of these players have played together before, nor have they played in the system. It takes time for everyone to get on the same page and play well together. Yes, fans want instant gratification, but it doesn’t always work that way and for a variety of reasons.

This team has still not been completely rebuilt. There is a need for at least six more players and a variety of positions. Yes, it is frustrating that it is taking time, but the important thing is that it is being done the right way. What Ryan Poles is trying to do is build this team for long-term success, and that takes time and patience.

For these reasons, I do believe that Matt Eberflus will continue to be the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears. Yes, the team did show improvement in the last half of the season. He is part of the reason for that improvement. If the Bears were to fire him, it would mean starting over again, just like two years ago, and that equals more losses. Is that what you, the fans, really want? Is that what the franchise wants?

Yes, Flus made some mistakes with some of his original hires. That happens with just about every first-time coach. On Monday, Jacksonville Head Coach Doug Pederson fired his entire defensive staff as well as some of the offensive staff. He didn’t like the way they were doing their jobs. I firmly believe that if Flus remains as the Bears’ Head Coach, there will be changes on his staff and maybe even several. That remains to be seen.

If changes are made, especially on the offensive side of the ball, then it also becomes about who they are going to hire. When Flus came here, he wanted to hire an offensive coach who ran the Green Bay/L.A. Rams/San Francisco offense. That scheme is a proven winning scheme, but in order for it to be run properly, the right person has to be in charge. The hiring of Luke Getsy must be questioned.

If they go in another direction scheme-wise, they have to make sure they hire an innovative coach who can run a scheme that fits the skill set of the players on the team.

If that happens, who they hire and what scheme they run will directly affect what will happen to Justin Fields. Don’t think for a second that a new offensive coordinator won’t be heavily involved with Justin’s future. To a man, the Bears players want Justin Fields back, but it will get down to if the coaching staff and the front office want him back.

The next few days/weeks/months will be very interesting and will tell us much about the direction of the Chicago Bears. Stay tuned...