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Bears Fan Reacts Survey: Do you want Justin Fields back in 2024?

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Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Thanks to the Panthers having a horrible 2023 season, the Chicago Bears are in a great position for 2024, but it’s not without a difficult decision looming. By holding Carolina’s first-round pick, the first-overall selection, the Bears have the opportunity once again to pick the top quarterback on their draft board.

Last year, none of the QB prospects blew them away, but this year’s consensus top two quarterbacks are considered to be better prospects than last year’s players.

The Bears also have another season of film on their own quarterback to evaluate.

So it’s possible the Bears move on from Justin Fields.

We won’t know whether that’s the right call or not for a few years, but give us your answer to these two questions.

  • Are you confident the Bears are headed in the right direction?

Sure, the Bears are in a better place than a year ago, but I still can’t get on board with the plan until I see it. If Ryan Poles keeps head coach Matt Eberflus yet drafts a rookie quarterback, that’s the same misalignment we’ve seen play out two other times in Chicago.

  • Do you want Justin Fields back as the Bears’ quarterback in 2024?

I’m legitimately torn on this one.

I would love to see Fields quarterbacking my favorite team, but this is a unique opportunity the Bears have in front of them.

If Eberflus is retained, I want Fields back, but if he’s fired, it behooves the franchise to get the new head coach on the same timeline as his quarterback.

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